Charcoal Face Mask


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This charcoal face mask is perfect for purifying your pores. The mixture of the activated charcoal along with the bentonite clay work perfectly to help keep the skin clear by drawing dirt and oils from the pores. By mixing this mask with apple cider vinegar it helps to balance the skins pH as well. 

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay 

Directions: Mix the dry mask with your Apple cider vinegar and water until smooth (one part mask, half parts apple cider vinegar and water). Spot test the mask on your cheek or neck to make sure you have no reactions to it. After, lightly cleanse your face and pat dry. Begin to apply the mask evenly avoiding your lips and eyes. Let it be on for 7-10 minutes. After you have washed the mask off, apply a natural moisturizer. 

Note: For best results- exfoliate the day before using or lightly exfoliate after using the mask to ensure all the charcoal comes off.