How to Make Your Soap Last Longer

How to Make Your Soap Last Longer

Anita Pigg

Have you recently bought some of our natural soap? Or maybe you already have some? And you're wondering "hmm, how long will this bar last me? How will I make it last longer?" Well, look no farther! 

1. Keep it dry! This can't be emphasized enough. Once your soap is in use, nothing makes it melt away faster than consistent exposure to water. Be sure to keep it away from the direct line of your shower heads spray. If you're going for a bath, keep it out of the water. Store your soap in a tray with proper drainage to cut down on the soupy residue.

2. Store smaller pieces in a soap-saving pouch/bag. Once your soap breaks down into smaller pieces that are difficult to use, put those pieces into a soap-saving pouch. The small bag will work to contain the pieces for reuse, but it also acts as a washcloth!

3. Cut the bar into smaller pieces. Smaller bars of soap will last longer because you are taking smaller pieces into the shower with you. Cut your soap bar into halves or thirds. Only use one small piece at a time!

4. Use a wash cloth/puff instead of your hands. Your skin does not produce and retain lather from soap as much as other materials. If you use a wash cloth, the whole process will use less soap because the wash cloth makes more lather. 

Also, a typical bar of soap should last about a month. If you use these tips, it might last even longer. Hope you enjoy your soap!